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  • Saturday, May 16, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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  • This year’s rally will be held on the 16th of May (Saturday). All other things will be the same as last year with a few exceptions.



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Now hear this:   

Here we go, again!  It is time to start planning for the 6th annual BA-DA BA-DA BING BANG RALLY. 

This year’s rally will be held on the 16th of May (Saturday).  All other things will be the same as last year with a few exceptions.

The “special display” this year will be part of my military medical equipment – First Aid kits, field hospital surgical beds, litters, medical instruments, chemicals.  Honestly, much of this stuff is stored at the Armory due to the size and I don’t even have it entered into my database, so I don’t even know what I have to display.  This will give me an opportunity to inventory it and add it to the database.  However, there are currently 176 items listed under the “Medical” tag in the database.  The current display in the museum is “Hats, Containers, and Weapons Stuff”.

Last year I proposed the idea of a tour of Liberty Auto Restoration.  I did some basic planning for it and then something else came up recently.  Now that seems like a better idea – but it just got preempted by something else, so I don’t know what might be happening.  Hey!  If this was easy, everybody would be doing it.

We are confirmed on the noon meal.  We had the monthly meeting at ARISE (our hosts) on Monday.  I don’t know what the menu is, but I will feed you, so a headcount as soon as possible for your “crew” would be really handy.

Speaking of headcount; a confirmation of your attendance and vehicles would be greatly appreciated.  It causes less stress in my life and makes advertising more effective. 

The cruise and the “Ice Cream Social” stop will be the same.  It is not really necessary to let me know you are going on the cruise.  When we leave, if you are in line, you must be going – right?  I will take a headcount at the stop and get the ice cream bars then.

I get monthly samples for “participation gifts” for the Owner/Operators, but haven’t decided on a specific item.  It will be a good one because I have to buy more than I need and I want nice “stuff” left over.  Don’t you just love surprises?

I have some door prizes already.  I am always looking for things to use.  This year I also have some extra super secret door prizes available, but you must register your vehicle(s), when you arrive for the chance to win.  These prizes will be separate from the regular door prizes.  After seeing them, if you decide you would not like a chance to win, please do not register for them.  The super secret door prizes will only be available to the Owner/Operators bringing a vehicle – mostly because you will need a vehicle to haul them home.  Each vehicle gets a chance at the door prizes, but only one door prize per Owner/Operator, please. 


Oh, I went to an auction and ended up with some other items, so check the “FREE STUFF”.  Early bird gets the worm on these.  This stuff will be available to anyone attending.  Just to illustrate how nice this stuff is, if it doesn’t get taken away, the trash man will take it away on Monday.  That is not to say it is trash.  I mean I have been keeping it just to give it away – right?

As in previous years, the Registration Table will be inside the building.  When you arrive, come on inside.  If you told me you were coming – and I have all of your information, registration should go quickly.  That will be the place to pick up your “participation gift”, welcome bag, etc.  I will most likely personally present you with your trophy during the day, because . . . you know, they are really special and all.  I do have the trophies and will get them labeled just as soon as I get a chance to run the labels through my printer.  (They aren’t really “nice” trophies, but everybody gets one.)  I ordered some last year for this year, but I must confess they are getting more difficult to find.  The quality seems to be the most difficult part.

Please don’t use the Fareway parking lot to unload your vehicle.  I hope to arrange the use of the Atlantic Bottling Companies lot north of the Armory.  It is less congested, a great place to park your transport vehicle, and a safer place to unload your vehicle.  Watch for more information on this.

There are many places on the internet to read about the Rally.  Check out this link:

This is the first of the emails I will send out for this year.  When I have more information, I will send out another.  Of course, if you have something you want me to know, just reply to this email.

I will create the posters (just as soon as I get confirmation of possible “special activities”), if you would like me to provide you one, let me know.

Steve Livengood


P.S.:  I realize some may have received this message twice due to me copying the MVPA members.  It was the fastest way to let everyone know.  I will try and do better next time.


If you have received this email and you would prefer to be removed from the list, please let me know and I will do so.  No, seriously, I will take you off the list, if you want me to.



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