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Reenactment Event at the Minnesota Fort Snelling June 9th.

Gary Nelson and Louie Larson attended the Reenactment event at the old Ft Snelling.

Held on Saturday June 9.

There were 6 MV's on display.  Gary and Louie MB's plus 4 vehicles from the Commemorative Air force motor pool.  They had a 42 Ford 4 door staff car plus a Burma Jeep, a Dodge weapons carrier, and a Columbia Bicycle.


To honor the event, 4 AT 6's did a flyby about 9 am, what a sight to see.  Very Cool! 

The Minnesota Reactors Group put on several weapon firing demo's both mornings and afternoon, the crowd went wild.  What a show they have.

So, if you missed it, you have to go next year, let’s plan.

Fort Snelling


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