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If you have a strong interest in historic military vehicles and enjoy doing things with them, the Red Bull is for you!  Our members range in age from 19 to 93, our vehicles range from Military Mules to Hummvs, and our interests range from WWII reenacting to static vehicle displays at the World of Wheels, from convoys to honoring our country’s Veterans. 

We are an affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) have have approximately 150 members, primarily in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with members in 11 states and overseas.  We are a nonprofit corporation as recognized by the State of Minnesota.  We are a  501(c)3 Nonprofit as recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service.   Our Mission is to honor our nation’s veterans and educate the public about their sacrifices for our country through the use of our historic military vehicles and club activities.

The Red Bull HMVA began in January of 2000 when an informational newsletter went out to all MVPA members in Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin.   By March 2000, we had over 60 members.  The Red Bull has become a leader in historic military vehicle clubs by providing its members with a variety of fun activities involving historic military vehicles, our families, and our friends.

Currently, we have most categories on the site accessible to all so folks can get a feel for how collaborative we've tried to make it.  In the next few months, we will be changing that and many parts of the site will become available to only members including the Forum, Newletter, Member Directory and other sections.  We really want you to join the fun so please fill out the member application and send us your check. For more information, go to: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Update:  As many of you may of noticed, several of the sections of the site are now available to members only.  Please login to see new entries to the site and Blog, comment at the Forums, check an Events, have a Chat or download the latest Newsletters.  If you'd like to join, please go to the 'Member Application' tab along the left navigation bar and sign up.

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