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December 2020


December 17, 2020

Letter from the President

Subject: New President plus MVPA


Greetings all, my name is Eric Thompson. I have accepted the position of President of the Red Bull’s for the next two years. By way of introduction I joined the club in 2015 when I purchased my 1954M 37. I found it along Highway 25 just north of Pierz Minnesota. It was for sale by the local junk dealer who had purchased it from the Pierz Fire Department. It was fairly stripped down and painted fire engine red. With lots of help from multiple sources restoration was completed in July 2016.

I was never in the military. My dad was with the Fifth Marine Division which landed on beaches of Iwo Jima, Japan February 19, 1945. He was severely wounded but always said he was one of the lucky ones. That being said myself and two brothers were raised as “Yardbirds“ in Marine Corps style. We pretty much had our heads shaved by Dad every two weeks right on through high school.

On a personal note I am married and have two grown daughters and two grandsons that absolutely adore the M37.  We have been actively involved in parades and events on the west side of the Metro over the past several years.

On a business note,

The Board of Directors for 2021 are as follows:

Eric Thompson   President 

Steve Landgraf   Vice President 

Shelley Landgraf   Treasure 

Rick Opitz   Secretary 

Mark Fisher   Events Coordinator 

Dave Halseth   General Member

Steve Ellis   General Member

John Varner   MVPA liaison /convoy coordinator

Housekeeping notes:

-Due to COVID-19, we are postponing the general members meeting which is typically held in January to Saturday May 1, 10:00 AM at Wayne Mincke’s

-Dues are due in January so be sure to re up. Shelley will be all over those who forget, PayPal is still the best, contact the Web Guys if you need help.  Credit card all you need,   

- Make sure to keep current with the MVPA Membership. It’s critical we all maintain your membership.

- I noticed on the website Lee Larson and John Currie did some kick ass newsletters back in the day. Does anyone have an interest in publishing a newsletter maybe on a semi annual basis?  If so give me a call 612-940-9049

I don’t pretend to have the history or the background that many of you long-term members have regarding the Group.  Please reach out to me or any Board Member if you have any suggestions or guidance.

I am a strong believer in educating our youth about the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation and all those that have served.  Our vehicles tell us a story that we cannot let fade away.

We are here for you and are ready to ride into 2021, without Corona!

Eric Thompson 

Cell# 612-940-9049

Red Bull HMVA President

That is all, carry on.

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