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Remember our friend Lynn McCall,

He passed October 25, 2020

Lynn, our friend

We are grateful for Lynn's help as Event Coordinator, the time that we were together as the Group.

Our fallen member, Lynn McCall, passed quietly.  Please upload your favorite photos to share below.

More to follow.

We all know bits and pieces. I know he was a Navy Vet and grew up in Florida. Worked in the communications industry.   

Lynn’s HMV was his beloved Tahoe. He participated on the Route 66 MVPA Convoy from Chicago to Santa Fe with it. He was also active in the Minnesota 4WD Club and owned several Jeep Wranglers. He was active in the Red Bull and was our events coordinator for several years.

Lynn had a positive personality and enjoyed  being with his friends in the Red Bull.

He was looking forward to the 2021 MVPA Yellowstone Trail Convoy from Aberdeen, SD to Connault, Ohio (annual D-Day event) via the MVPA Convention in South Bend, IN..

John V.


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Lynn sure was laid-back

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Lynn & I had many Lunches together @ the Legion in Richfield, plus the many Convoys he arranged.

He was a great asset to our Red Bull Group.   He will be missed by all of our group.

Louie L.

Great guy and I enjoyed his company and conversation both with the Red Bull HMVA and away from that!. His passing will leave a void in our life’s no doubt. The time he spent as Red Bull events coordinator, he was very proactive and would have several options on most summer weekends for us to participate in. Rest In Peace my friend.

Lee Larson

Here are the small posts that I have added to our Facebook page so far:

A good man, a delightful crank, a dedicated driver of the best Comfy Coach that the military ever drove, a loyal patriot, a bear with a great sense of humor, and the nicest guy to walk in and out of prison every week that I’ve ever known.

He was a dedicated husband, in love with his wife, Lori, and broken by her death, and by God’s grace, joined back with her now, splitting time between boundary waters and the limitless boundaries of love.

Drive in peace, good and true friend.

Lynn loved to drive in his “kuk-vee”, his CUCV II—and he would SO quickly correct you if you referred to it merely as a CUCV!

On convoys, he had little patience with those of us who wouldn’t drive over 40 or leaked fluids from every possible source and needed to top them off every 300 yards or so.

He always seemed to forget that his Luxo Coach, with a heater (!!!), AC, stereo, CB, indoor pool and cable TV, did not have the same limitations that we in our 40-79 year-old OD steeds did. It did, however, work out well for us if one of our MVs developed a limp or broke down, as we could “grudgingly” accept his generous offer of a ride and settle in for a rain-, wind-, snow-, cold-and frying heat-proof tour of absolutely anywhere he wanted to take us.

No convoy will ever be the same.


We would have Thursday Lunch at the Legion, sitting at King Louie’s table, talking about MVs and convoys, discussing his life in prison, trading little barbs about Trump and politics (I was always right, of course), and swiping the occasional French fry from the other’s plate.

Our table—whenever we are allowed to once again dine in person together—will always be emptier without you, Lynn.


For those of you who wonder why Lynn went to prison, it's because he WORKED there. Lynn worked for a private telecommunications company, and he ranged around the state--and possibly into adjacent ones, but that is only speculation at the moment--installing and repairing telephone equipment.

One of his accounts was the glorious Minnesota Penal System, so he regularly wound up in prison--and regularly departed at the end of each day. No jail could hold him...

He made it possible for inmates to make phone calls to loved ones and try--in vain--to rent helicopters to aid in escaping from their Grey Bar Hotel. I always wanted to ask him if anyone ever called Dominos and attempted to receive a delivery.

Now? Those inmates are probably missing him every day.

Just like us.


I can dig up some fotos, too, from both sides of the US-Canadian border.


Lynn McCall was a great guy he did a great job of giving us events to do throughout the summer,  actually way more events that we could possibly do in three or four summers.  And of course Lynn always had to rub it in that we didn’t have air-conditioning in our jeeps.  He always made me laugh. Of course a lot of banter went back-and-forth between Lynn and myself. He always wished that he was a Marine and I believe he regretted it LOL LOL.

I truly believe the passing of Laurie Broke Lynn’s heart and he never seemed quite the same . Enjoy your time with Laurie my friend. You will truly be missed.
Sgt Steve Landgraf to Lynn Lol

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