RED BULL Historic Military
Vehicle Association 

Twin Cities Auto Show Military Appreciation Day

  • Tuesday, May 17, 2022
  • 3:30 PM
  • MN State Fairgrounds


  • Group date

    RBHMVA will be here on
    Tuesday May 17
    3:30 PM - 8:00 PM

    Minnesota State Fairgrounds

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Updated Now:

The meeting location for the Twin City Auto Show is

Randell and Underwood. See Map below. Looking forward to seeing everyone at 3:30 PM Tuesday May 17th.

Please spread the word if you can. There are 4 MV committed to show, we need more.  Will you plan on going on military appreciation day from 3:30 PM to 9 PM.

Please sign up.

Now, about the Event:


Eric -

I will have some more info tomorrow for all groups, but for yours, here is how your will enter.

You will come in the main parking area to the fairgrounds. At the corner of Randall and Underwood is where you will enter the show (Red Star on Map)

This is also where your drivers will get their credentials for the event. We will stage you between 330 and 4pm at the Owl Lot. When the gates open, we will parade you in so folks can see you.

We will then park you up near up near Toyota and Stallantis, which is where the military event is taking place that night.

The actual parade is at 6pm. The ceremony starts at 7pm. Gates close at 9pm.

We will parade you again at 6pm, repark you in the military area and then we will open the gates at 9pm for any vehicles departing that evening.

In the parade there will be 2 24' long submarines, in case Mary didn't mention it!

You had mentioned that Steve might have some contacts with re-enactment groups. When I ran AirExpo at the Flying Cloud Airport (I started that show back in 1998....) we had reenactors of both aviators and ground troops from WWII, complete with vehicles, tents and combat gear. It was quite the setup. Would love to have something like that for the military day.

My thanks,


RBHMVA, you know what the means!

Military appreciation day 3:30 PM Tuesday, May 17.

We will rendezvous at the corner of Randolph and Underwood just off of Snelling. Please see the attached map.

We will get all her credentials at that point and be escorted to our staging area. There will be a parade at 6 PM followed by a memorial service at 7 PM.

Any questions contact Eric Thompson 612-940-9049

Good Afternoon all!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bob Luikens and I will be coordinating the Car Clubs and the Classic Car Walk at the Twin Cities Auto Show. I am taking over for Vince Rosetta, who left last week. I’ve been getting myself up to speed on the Car Clubs, the grandstand area and the parades this past few days and wanted to get in touch with each group to touch base.

I am creating some Facebook graphics that you can post to members of the Red Bull Historic Military Vehicle Association and am attaching some general info on the event itself.

We would love to have AS MANY CARS as you would like to bring from the Group! We can accommodate up to 100 vehicles indoors under the grandstand. This area will be locked each night and secured with overnight security and police patrolled by the State Fair Police Department. We can host an unlimited about outside, with spaces just outside the grandstand and under the walkway.  That is the best area for those that would like to come and go each day.

For now, we need to know how many of your group are planning on attending and whether you would like space indoors, outdoors or both.

You are welcome to display as many or as few days as you like, however, we are hoping to have as many 9 day commitments as possible. Vehicles may come in prior to gates opening and may leave after gates close. We restrict arrivals and departures during public hours for logistic and safety reasons.

We will have a parade each day at 2pm (6pm M, T, Th) that you are welcome to participate in. Again, we would like to know your preference on that…more later.

I will be back to you shortly with more specific info for now

Troops plan to join in for
RBHMVA Military Appreciation Day
May, 17 from 4 PM to 9 PM

Thanks for being a part of the 2022 Twin Cities Auto Show!

Bob Luikens

Troops, questions please reach out to me.

Eric Thompson

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