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  • Monday, September 09, 2024
  • 10:00 AM
  • 2024 convention in Wisconsin




workshop at the 2024 convention in
Wisconsin this 

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Attention, all Board Members and general members, Attention!

Robert Brough and I am President of the Georgia MVPA, an affiliate of the International Organization. I have been asked to lead a workshop at the 2024 convention in Wisconsin this September. The purpose of it is to generate a forum for state affiliate representatives to get together for an hour and network to discuss issues that concern all affiliates. This will not be a bitch session about what is not working for the hobby or the affiliates, but, rather, an opportunity to see what other affiliates are doing in their state that might be working well.

Suggested topics might be insurance issues, club structure and organization, exchange of affiliate newsletters, events and membership concerns, etc. My end goal would be if each affiliate representative left the workshop with one thought or idea that might prove beneficial to another affiliate, then the time would be well spent. I do not have a set time or location for this workshop yet, but it would probably be on the Friday of the convention as Saturday is usually devoted to the MVPA general membership meeting and the awards dinner.

So, if you are the correct person for this email, great. If not, if you can forward it to the person or persons in your organization that might find it of interest, then please share the correct contact person to my email

If you think you might have a club member who would represent your affiliate at this workshop, please let me know so that we can guesstimate numbers. If you think no one will be able to attend, but you would like the notes or minutes of the workshop afterwards, let me know that as well. And, if you think of some topics that you would like addressed that I have not suggested, send those to me as well.

Either way, I would like to believe that this is the start of a regular workshop that can be held at every MVPA International Convention for affiliates to network and learn from each other and grow the hobby from the state level on up.

Have an “eventful” 2024 and hope to see you in Wisconsin in September.

Robert Brough
President, GA MVPA
Winston, GA

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