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  • Tuesday, October 04, 2016 9:33 PM | Anonymous member

    2016 September 17 – Boscobel Veterans Memorial Car Show (1st Annual)

    This was basically a car show set up in South Western Wisconsin in the town of Boscobel. The Local VFW Post got a couple of acres of land donated for a Veterans Memorial Park. The town already has a De-Commission M60 Tank on display a few blocks north of the location (they may or may not move to this location). There is a picture of the Model of the Monument they wish to build in the photo album on our Face Book Wall.

    For a first time turn out, there was over 80 Vehicles and 2 HMVs. A former Red Arrow M715 and my CUCV II. 

    2016 September 18 – Open Streets at Penn Fest

    Another Car Show in Richfield, Minnesota. This was a big block party that ran down Penn Ave in Richfield from the Cross Town (Hwy 62) south to 73rd. We set up in front of CVS just north of 66th and Penn.

    Louie had his MB and MBT plus his wife Gloria (the Supervisor) drove the Minnietonka Jeep; Verne drove his GPW and I with the CUCV II. We had a very prime spot and setup.

    2016 September 24 – Cruise for the Troops

    This was originally an invite from the CAF and they were hoping for more people to help from their own organization, plus maybe some more from ours. They cancelled out on Face Book announcement on Wednesday of the week of the show. So I wasn’t going to go either. But then I saw the that Don Gunderson had sign up. So dug out the CUCV and went. But Don rode a Motorcycle and was going on the ride! The CAF didn’t set that part up for us or they were not aware of it. So I was on display, talked to a few people gave out a couple pamphlets.

    2016 October 01 – Prior Lake Maneuvers / Pumpkin Run

    Mike Dyer and John Bizal got together and plan out a full day of Convoy thru the countryside and BBQ at the end of it. We had 22 HMVs in the Convoy that started in Prior Lake, visited an Apple Orchard in Northfield, a Brewery in Montgomery, a Winery near New Prague, a Pumpkin Patch on the way back to Prior Lake and ended up at the Bizal Ranch for a great BBQ.

    Photos can be found on Face Book.

  • Tuesday, September 27, 2016 8:29 PM | Anonymous member

    There has been a change of location, please note the new address. The park is flooded from recent rains and Minnesota River over flowing it's banks!

    8 Oct 2016 - 1200 to 1700 (12 PM to 5 PM)

    Registration Donation $20.00

    Carver Station
    1607 Hartwell Drive
    Carver, Minnesota

    for those that use Google or Bing Maps, you may want to use this address: 12601 Jonathan Carver Parkway  Chaska, Mn

    To make it easier here is the GPS coordinates for this years event, excited to see you all this weekend! 44.768640, -93.644170

  • Wednesday, September 21, 2016 4:29 PM | Anonymous member

    This Event has been CANCELLED as per CAF-MN Wing Face Book announcement ( ).

  • Sunday, September 11, 2016 7:52 PM | Anonymous member

    Richard I Bong Military Vehicle & Car Show (2016 Aug 20):

    This show was happening at the same time as the Tall Ship Festival in Duluth. With the world’s largest inflatable rubber duck floating near DECC. Plus the weather was a little gloomy and drizzly.

    But pressing on was able to make a showing and pictures are posted in Face Book, Photo Album Section. One showing from the Red Bulls, 2 from the Red Arrows and the Museum pulled out 1 of there own vehicles.

    Ebenezer Ridges Care Center (2016 Aug 23):

    Ok this one was on a school day for most us, but my schedule allowed me to follow Louie (MB & MBT) and Verne (GPW) down. Hung out long enough to grab some photos and see Joe show up with his M38. Another fine day. The Care Center resident’s (along with their families along with great/grand children) from what I have been led to believe were thrilled to see the old OD iron in the parking lot!

    Minnesota State Fair – Military Appreciation Day (2016 Aug 30):

    This was an amazing show this year (well in my humble point of view). Here is the list of Vehicles:

    Louie Larson – MB & MBT

    Rick Opitz – GPW

    Dick Houck – M38

    Joe Remley – M38

    Mark Knoll – M37

    Eric Thompson – M37

    Lynn McCall – CUCV II

    CAF: MB & M37

    MN National Guard: 2 up armored LMTVs

    It all started at 0600 at a parking lot near the corner of Energy Parkway and Snelling. And we convoyed in with some 40 vendors for the Military Appreciation Day. We had St Paul and State Patrol Escort to the Fair Grounds. So similar to a funeral passion we went thru Stop Signs and Stop Lights, something that confused a lot of the vendors (Gen X and Younger, who may have never been taught these things… but I digress).

    Had Major General Neal Loidolt with Major Ingalsbe, stop by the tent and the vehicles and had a chat. It was mention that the 34th (Red Bulls) is turning 100 years old in 2017 and how they would like to work with us in making a maximum effort in showing more vehicles next year. They would also like to maybe work some more opportunities with us in public showings! There may also be some opportunities for us to help out at deploying and welcoming home ceremonies.

    And next Camp Ripley does have their Open House. It would be nice if we can get more than one RBHMVA Vehicle out there, this time! I am sure that Steve Stark, gets just as lonely at these shows by himself as I do.

    Than we also had Major General Richard Nash (Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard). Stop in for a hello and take the load off for a few. Thank us for the display of OD Iron that brought forth.

    Labor Day Weekend Convoy (2016 Sept 3):

    Due to the Prior Lake Maneuvers being Cancelled, Steve Landgraf and Gary Wirth put together a replacement event. On the fly a Convoy route through Goodhue County down to Red Wing crossing into Wisconsin. Travelling some little used County Roads known to the locals, motorcyclist we had a wonderful afternoon in the countryside.  Stopped at a little biker bar in Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin (great Burgers). Than up to Prescott to Douglas Point Park, where Steve ran into a fellow Marine (WW II Vet) and his Family. We placed him in the back of Harold’s Staff Car (he never rode in before didn’t know what to think) and took him and Grandson to Hastings Car Show. This was done with the Family’s permission, well I think it was.


    Dan – WC9 Ambulance

    Louie – MB & MBT

    Paul W – MB/GPW

    Steve – M3 Scout Car

    Paul S – M422A1 Mighty Mite

    Harold – Plymouth Staff Car

    Lynn – CUCV II

    Hastings Cruise in Car Show:

    Well the MVs were treated to front row status as we rolled into Hastings. They had us parade thru Main street turn a few blocks than brought us back up on Main Street. Than parked all our Vehicles right down the middle of Main Street. As we were setting up we joined up by M35A2, Chev C2500 with M101A2 Bed on it (it had to been a 94 or 95 due the collector plate) and MN Nat Guard HMMWV with Como Box. Than Gary Wirth brought one of the Search Lights he has been working on. Than lite that up at dusk!


    Dan – WC9 Ambulance

    Paul W – MB/GPW

    Steve – M3 Scout Car

    Paul S – M422A1 Mighty Mite

    Harold – Plymouth Staff Car

    Gary W – 60” Carbon Arc Search Light

    Lynn – CUCV II

    St Francis American Legion Post #622 (2016 Sept 10):

    This was my second showing at this one. Great time last year, could not ask for a nicer day. Had 4 Vehicle show up 2 from Red Bulls (Louie and I), 1 from last year Thad and his M35A2 2 ½ ton Truck with M105 Trailer, Doug from the North Branch Show with M923A2 5 ton Truck, also had a M1008 CUCV pickup from American Wings Museum out at the Anoka County Airport there too. Wish Gary had come up with Louie, there was members of the USCG there with a 25 foot (8m) Rescue Boat there. Along the USAF recruiters and their Trailer.

    Pine Patrol (2016 Sept 10):

    From the photos I saw on Face Book and from talking to Steve Fennern, everyone had a good time. Think they had the same weather that Louie and I had in St Francis.

    911 Remembrance & Emergency Responder Vigil (2016 Sept 11):

    Well there was 2 of us that showed up today for this one.

    Warren Klein and his WC52, Myself and my CUCV II. Again great weather (could not ask for better weather for these last few shows [cept for Superior]). Lots of cars, unfortunately the Mustang club asked the Military Vehicles, but didn’t have a MV Divisionbugger! Oh well! Maybe next year. Lots and lots of cars.

    So in summary, it been a busy past few weeks. As Mr. Varner has been known to say, there is an event almost every weekend throughout the summer! And the season has still 4 to 5 weeks to go, with something each of those weekends mostly. Hope to see some of you out there!

  • Tuesday, September 06, 2016 6:23 PM | Anonymous member

    When:      Saturday, October 1, 2016 

    Where: Mike Dyer: (612) 840-1194 

    19645 Hills of Claire Ave., Prior Lake, MN 55372 (Convoy Assembles and Departs)

    John Bizal: (952) 440-8778  

                    19281 Panama Ave., Prior Lake, MN 55372 (Cookout and Bonfire)

    Convoy Time:         0800-0930 hrs. Convoy Assembles

                                 1000 hrs. Convoy Departs

                                 1500 hrs. Convoy Returns

    Cookout and Bonfire:      1600-2100 hrs. 

    (Burgers, Beans, and Dogs provided; please bring a dish to share)

    Points of interest to be visited include, but not limited to: Barten Pumkins, Next Chapter Winery, and Montgomery Brewing Company.

    Please RSVP, so we know how many people to are planning to attend.


  • Friday, September 02, 2016 9:12 PM | Anonymous member

    Looking for a Jeep (MB, GPW, M38x or M151x), preferably US Army Markings (Combat Engineers would be top of the mark). But US Army would fit the bill.

    Prescott, Wisconsin is having a parade on the 11th of Sept. The Grand Marshall (a Retired Army Engineer), has been battling Cancer for the past 3 years, lost his wife this past year (they were married for for 41 years).

    His son has asked for our help, in finding a Jeep for his Father to ride in the Parade! Any takers please contact me for the details.

  • Thursday, September 01, 2016 8:48 PM | Anonymous member

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------

    From: John Bizal <>
    Date: Friday, September 2, 2016
    Subject: Prior Lake Maneuvers Event Reminder

    EVENT this weekend CANCELLED. Because of short notice and lack of responses, we have decided to CANCEL the event for this weekend all together! 

    Mike and I will get together and come up with another date this month or early October to host a combo PL Maneuver/Pumpkin Patrol event. We will keep you all informed. Have a great labor day and see you all soon!

    John and by proxy, Mike Dyer

    But also list as a side note that Steve Landgraf, is trying to put something together and will end up at the Hasting, Minnesota's Car Show at 1700 (5 PM). It is Military Appreciation Night. If nothing show up with your MV for the Car Show. 

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016 3:59 PM | Anonymous member

    Big points:

    - Muster for the Convoy into the Fair at 0600 (6 AM for those that never learn to tell time) - The Red Bulls will be at the rear of the Convoy, due to us sitting up on the street outside of the Expo Place area of the Fair Grounds!

    - Support Vehicle Passes will be passed out at the convoy Rallying point, I have asked for 4 passes, I really only know of 2 vehicles coming in on trailers. If this is incorrect please contact me straight away, so this can be correct due to time being short!

    - There can and maybe security checks of vehicles and coolers at the rally point prior to departure for the Fair Grounds (Security is not meant to be easy). You will be allowed to bring in a lunch and water or soda in a cooler for personal use.

    - They are still checking on the fake/training/replica weapons for the re-enactors, but my suggestion is for us NOT TO BRING ANY WEAPONS OF ANY SORT and be done with it.

    - We can not sell anything at the Fair, we can promote our Assocation (but can not take money on the fair grounds). But the web site is set up to take plastic or paypal, if they wish to join online!

    - Departure time is 1600 (again 4 PM for those who can't tell time) 

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016 3:43 PM | Anonymous member

    We a lot has happen over the course of the last few weeks such as Iola Vintage Military & Gun Show {Patrick's - M29, Steve's - M274A2 & Lynn's - CUCV II type A & M101A2}(Iola, Wisconsin); EAA Chap 84 Fly in Pancake Breakfast {Peter's - M38, Joe's - M38 & Lynn's - CUCV II type A & M101A2}(Lake Elmo, Minnesota); Bong Veterans Center Military Vehicle & Car Show {Lynn's - CUCV II & M101A2(Superior, Wisconsin) & today [yes a school day] the Ebenezer Ridges Care Center (Private showing) Auto Show {Louie's - MB & MBT, Vern's - GPW & Joe's - M38} (Burnsville, Minnesota). Many Thanks to all that came out and brought their green iron to share with the public.

    All these shows have been posted on the events calendar and the show photos are up on Face Book Photo Album pages, for those who wish to see (be nice to have a Photo Album of Events on our own Web Site [hint!]).

    Next big event is the Great Minnesota Get Together on the 30th! Hope see you there, at the fair.

  • Sunday, August 07, 2016 5:05 PM | Anonymous member

    I would thank the following for showing up today and sharing their afternoon!

    Louie Larson and his MB & MBT

    Steve Landgraf and his GPW

    Verne Nornholm and his GPW

    Verne Strehlow

    John Guerrero 

    Gary Nelson


    Jerry Counryman and their NAS Fleming Field MB

    Stan Novey and their US Navy Plymouth Staff Car

    Not only did the resident's and their Families show great interest the the display of vehicles we had laid out before them. But Katherine Tlougan and her staff treated us to some fine Root Beer Floats, along with a Swing Dance. Steve Landgraf found a fellow Marine (she is a cutie than and now) that worked in the Motor Pool back in War 2 in Cherry Point. Lots of War Stories were swapped!

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