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from John Currie Louie

  • Wednesday, December 29, 2021 10:05 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    OUR DEAR LOUIE, PATRON SAINT of ALL THINGS JEEP, has had a heart attack and is Fairview Southdale Hospital. 

    He is stable and doing well, well enough to call Gloria and ask her to bring some carburetors and tools to his room so that he can rebuild them. 

    OK, mebbe not that exactly, but he’s doing well enough to call her on his cell phone and tell her that he has been moved to a new room. COVID has the hospital downside up. He has a room to himself right now, which is good, as he is a very large Swede and squeezing in someone else might be hard.

    Here is the text that I received from Gloria a little while ago:  

    “Sunday noon, Lou was taken to Southdale hospital with breathing complications a kidney issues. Was not feeling wellover holidays but didn’t say much about it. (Daughter) Sue and kids had to leave in snow storm today as she has to be home for important work so (our son) Todd is still here til Thursday or so. Tom (son) is not available as he is sick so the sun is not shining for us to much so far this week.” 

    Suzie will return later this week, Lord Willing.

    Please keep them both in your prayers. Gloria is as sturdy as Louie, and so appears solid as a rock, but this has to be hard for her. Remember that Louie was in the hospital for six months during Winter 2020, so while she has stood with him with all her love and now will do so again, it is trying.

    She and I didn’t talk about calling him, and the COVID restriction is only one person PER DAY, even if they only are there for five minutes, so a visit is not really in the cards right now. Call, text, send him an email, deliver a case of carb cleaner to his room—whatever you want to do to let him know that you are with him.

    I’ll post updates as I have them. 

    I’m a praying man. And if you will, this is the time to join me in lifting him up to God, to thank Him for His watch care over our amazing friend and ask for His grace and mercy. Please pray for Lou, that he will know God’s peace and have faith in Him. Pray, too, for Gloria, Tom, Tom and Sue, for peace and faith and strength to be there for Lou as need and opportunity demand. 

    Please forward this to other RED BULL members and friends, will you? Where I am, I have limited access to my contact list, so you are hereby deputized to carry the good work forward.

    John Currie

    President | Creativitymonger


    +1 612.209.6899

    After I sent my email to you, I saw that RB President Eric Thompson had already sent out an email. In it, he said that Louie and Gloria did not want any phone calls now. 

    So, please overlook my mistake and refrain from calling them.

    Thank you, Eric, for keeping us informed.



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