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  • Wednesday, February 14, 2018 5:34 PM | Anonymous member
    Red Bull Historic Military Vechicle Assocation Events Calendar 2018
    Dates Time Event Name Type of Event Location POC
    2018 Feb 24 1000 - 1230 Red Bull HMVA General Business Meeting Meeting Richfield American Legion Post 435  6501 Portland Ave South   Richfield, Minnesota 55423 John Varner or Lynn McCall
    2018 May 06 1030 -1400 Trucksploration Static Display Beth El Synagogue  5225 Barry Street West  St Louis Park, Minnesota  Anna Latzer or Yelena 
    2018 May 18 1200 – 1800 9th Annual Minnesota Armed Forces Day Static Display   Re-Enactment 11988 Faribault Blvd  Dunas, Minnesota Rick Opitz or Steve Landgraf
    2018 May 19 0700 – 1800 9th Annual Minnesota Armed Forces Day Static Display   Re-Enactment 11988 Faribault Blvd  Dunas, Minnesota Rick Opitz or Steve Landgraf
    2018 May 19 1000 – 1600 BA-DA BA-DA BING BANG RALLY Static Display American Legion Memorial Building  (Former National Guard Armory)  201 Poplar Street  Atlantic, Iowa 50022 Steve Livengood   (712) 254-6123  
    2018 May 20 0900 – 1500 9th Annual Minnesota Armed Forces Day Static Display   Re-Enactment 11988 Faribault Blvd  Dunas, Minnesota Rick Opitz or Steve Landgraf
    2018 Jun 01 1800 – 2230 Buffalo Days Car Show and Cruise-In Car Show Luverne, Minnesota Jane Lanphere
    2018 Jun 02 1000 – 1200 Buffalo Days Car Show and Cruise-In Parade Luverne, Minnesota Jane Lanphere
    2018 Jun 02 1000 - 1200 Edina Vehicle Day Static Display 400 Southdale Ctr, Edina, MN 55435 (near 69th and France Avenue) Amanda Clarke  (952) 826-0433  or John Currie  (952) 928-3017
    2018 June 10 0900 – 1600 St Francis American Legion Post 622 Military Appreciation  Static Display St Francis American Legion Post 622  3073 Bridge Street NW   St Francis, Minnesota 55070 Doug Lennartson  (763) 753-4234 
    2018 June 16 1000 – 1600  Ray Fagen Memorial Airshow Static Display 2450 540th Street  Granite Falls, Minnesota 56241 Lynn McCall (612) 749-2208
    2018 Jun 17 1000 – 1500 Groovy 60s Car Show Car Show Downtown Red Wing, Mn (3rd & Bush Streets) Arlene  (515) 231-8206  
    2018 Jun 23 0800 - 1700 Armed Forces Weekend Military Vehicles and Aircraft Show (3rd Annual) Static Display Watertown Municipal Airport   1741 River Drive   Watertown, Wisconsin Dennis Johnson (920) 262-0930 or Paul Bradow (920) 392-9584
    2018 Jun 24 0800 - 1700 Armed Forces Weekend Military Vehicles and Aircraft Show (3rd Annual) Static Display Watertown Municipal Airport   1741 River Drive   Watertown, Wisconsin Dennis Johnson (920) 262-0930 or Paul Bradow (920) 392-9584
    2018 Jun 24 0900 - 1500 Red Bull Military Appreciation Day Static Display Central Park   North Branch, Minnesota Becky Schule 
    2018 Jul 04 0900 – 1130 Edina 4th of July Parade Parade Edina, Minnesota (TBD) John Currie
    2018 Jul 04 0900 – 1300  Afton’s 4th of July Parade Parade Afton Marina  Afton, Minnesota Gregg Adler  (651) 998-1977
    2018 Jul 04 1230 - 1430 Richfield 4th of July Parade Parade Richfield, Minnesota Gary Nelson 
    2018 Jul 14 0900 – 1700 Wings of the North Air Expo Static Display Flying Cloud Airport  Eden Prairie, Minnesota Lynn McCall (612) 749-2208
    2018 Jul 15 0900 – 1600 Wings of the North Air Expo Static Display Flying Cloud Airport  Eden Prairie, Minnesota Lynn McCall (612) 749-2208
    2018 Aug 04 1000 – 1500 Military Vehicle Show / Duluth Car Show Static Display Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center   305 Harbor View Parkway   Superior, Wisconsin Hayes Scriven  (715) 392-7151
    2018 Aug 10 1500 - 1800 Central Wisconsin Military Show  Static Display Motorama Event Grounds: Alfa Heaven, Inc.  4381 Stradale Lane  Aniwa, Wisconsin 54408   GPS Coordinates: 45.044028, -89.264532 Tom Z  (715) 449-2141
    2018 Aug 11 0800 - 1800 Central Wisconsin Military Show  Static Display Motorama Event Grounds: Alfa Heaven, Inc.  4381 Stradale Lane  Aniwa, Wisconsin 54408   GPS Coordinates: 45.044028, -89.264532 Tom Z  (715) 449-2141
    2018 Aug 28 0600 - 1600 Military Appreciation Day – Minnesota State Fair Static Display Minnesota State Fair Grounds St Paul, Minnesota Major Scott Ingalsble
    2018 Sep 01 0900 – 2000 Prior Lake Maneuvers Convoy Prior Lake, Minnesota Mike Dryer 
    2018 Sep 08 0900 – 1800 Pine Patrol 11th Annual Convoy E6129 990th Avenue  Colfax, Wisconsin  Paul Sanders 
  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018 7:43 PM | Anonymous member

    Event:     Board of Directors Meeting

    Date:       2018 Jan 30           Time: 1900

    Location: American Legion Post 98  328 Broadway Ave  St Paul Park, Minnesota 55071


    Point of Contact:     Lynn McCall

                                 Steve Landgraf

    Location of Event:   South East Metro

    Style of Event:        BoD Meeting

    Remarks:               BoD Officer Selections

    2018 Jan 30 - BOD Meeting Agenda

    1) Election of Officers.


    President         John Varner

    Vice President Don Gunderson

    Treasurer        Shelly Landgraff

    Secretary         Lee Larson

    Events Coordinator Lynn McCall

    BOD as of 2-1- 18

    John Varner            1-20

    Lee Larson              1-19

    Lynn McCall            1-19

    Steve Landgraff       1-20

    Shelly Landgraff      1-19

    Steve Ellis               1-21

    John Currie             1-21

    Rick Opitz               1-21

    2) If you cannot attend and want an Officer Position, please eMail Lee Larson.

    3) Lee needs a check for $175made out to the MVPA for affiliate ins.

    4) Do we have, Or Who is our News Letter Editor…… Discuss this year’s newsletter! (4)

    5) Proposal for new way to order Red Bull T-Shirts (twice year order)

    6) Any attentional Agenda Items, please contact Lee Larson.

  • Tuesday, January 23, 2018 4:14 PM | Anonymous member

    Tonight’s (2018 Jan 23) BoD Meeting has been postponed! Watch your eMail or Text for details.

  • Thursday, November 16, 2017 5:37 PM | Anonymous member

    Greetings Red Bull HMVA manager,

    We are seeking items from all of America's wars and conflicts that can be donated or sold to our future museum.  We are seeking paintings, drawings, still and film cameras, video cameras and any other items that were used to document our wars and conflicts.  Our museum will actually begin from the American Revolution and beyond.  If you know any contacts, please have them contact us.

    MCCHSM’s Mission Statement

    “We honor US military combat camera troops, commanders, project officers, trainers, support technicians, laboratory personnel, film/video editors, sound technicians, administrators and civil servants that worked with us in combat camera units, headquarters, combat camera/photo/video training schools and the pentagon.   Our pictorial history began with the American Revolution.  Talented artists placed themselves on hilltops surrounding battlegrounds in harm’s way to capture the images of battle and preserve these historical events for future generations.  During the Civil War, advancements in technology enabled the photographers to capture the battlefield with single still shot cameras in very close proximity to the line of fire to freeze that moment in time.  In addition, these still photographers initiated aerial reconnaissance in hot air balloons.  As time and technology progressed, so did the advancement of combat tactics where the battlefield moved between ground and air during the American/Mexican Conflict and WWI to the present.  Civilian cameramen were replaced by the combat camera that we have today – where history is recorded in the battlefield whether with air patrol or ground troops, up close and in the middle of the action.  It is to these brave individuals this museum is dedicated along with the support technicians who supported them.  A battle may be fought bravely and won, but who would remember, when no one is left to tell the story if not for the pictorial record preserved in time.” (Ms. T Houck).  We also support and honor our civilian war correspondence, i.e. Ms. Marie Colvin who was killed in Afghanistan in 2012 (1956 to 2012).  (Combat Camera “Keeping the Tradition” by Dr. Sylvester Caraway Jr., USAF retired).  

    Kind regards,

    Dr. Sylvester Caraway Jr. USAF retired (1974 – 1994) – Prior combat cameraman

    US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Museum (MCCHSM) non-profit 501 (c) (19)

    Executive Director of MCCHSM & President/Dean of MCCHSM Research Center

    HS Diploma, AA, BA, MA, MA w/Honors and a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Griffith University, Nathan campus, QLD, Australia

    Alumni of the Ronald E. McNair Graduate Program, California State University, Sacramento 

    4225 Princeton Ave.

    Greensboro, NC 27407

    Office Phone: 336 763 4691

    Personal Cell: 336 965 6696



  • Saturday, October 21, 2017 1:00 PM | John Currie


    SAT., OCT. 21, 2017 | 1:00 PM-O’DARK THIRTY

    Meet @ John’s home @ 1:00 PM:
    19281 Panama Ave., Prior Lake, MN 55372

    Convoy to the Pumpkin Patch, then drive through and take over New Prague, and then back to John’s for off-road driving, barbeque and a sky-torching late-night bonfire.
    John will provide the flame-kissed meat (and it may be real slow-smoked barbeque!). Please bring a dish to share--your choice of munchie, appetizer, salad or dessert. It's likely our last big shindig of the year, so don't miss it!!!!!

    PLEASE RSVP @ or you may not get fed, Ted

  • Saturday, September 23, 2017 5:05 PM | Anonymous member

    We have been on the road for a week now! On our last rest day of the 3 nights and 2 days, in Branson, MO. Looking forward to putting some miles on the down the road. Time off to get laundry done, repairs made (if needed) and time to relax.

    Yesterday (2017 September 22), we spent the day up at the College of the Ozarks (Hard Work U). Amazing Campus of 1400 students (K-12) with a Credited College as well ( ). Where the students here work their way through school. Pay no tuition (hence the moto ‘Hard Work U’), the school runs on donations.

    (2017 September 21) We left from St Roberts, MO, home of Fort Leonard Wood (Fort Lost in the Woods). Another great sunrise in the morning. On the road with I believe heard 39 HMVs. Pasted several schools on our way to Branson, where the classes turned out to greet, wave as the Convoy navigated their town. In St James, MO, had a Veterans Home turned out to watch us go by. Than had a break at a Wal-Mart in Marshfield, MO. Lunch stop at ‘Lamberts Café’ ( ) near Ozark, MO. Bring CASH, no plastic can be used. As the website name says, Fresh Hot Dinner Rolls, thrown to you by guy moving a cart around the room. Then the 30 mile trek to Branson, MO down US-65. The Convoy gets a little spread out (about 3 miles), between catching lights and the hills of Missouri! But everyone caught up about 5 miles North of Branson. Good thing everyone had Radios.

    (2017 September 20) Rolled out of Eureka, MO Six Flags theme park (Near St Louis). Lots of rolling hills, small towns and lots of warm welcomes. Lots of Route 66 we have been traveling on, the counties and townships are doing a great job of maintaining the road. But a lot of Route 66 tourist traps have not survive the pasting of time.

    (2017 September 19) Departed Springfield, Illinois State Fair Grounds at 0700. Took us over an hour to maneuver through downtown, following Route 66 with no Police Escort. But once out of town we able to reform and move down the road. One of our morning Breaks was on ‘Dead Man’s Curve’. Heard interesting stories from the locals on this one. Our Lunch stop was in Atlanta, Illinois. They did put on a great Banquet Style Lunch. Proceeded on towards St Louis with a twist. The Convoy had been granted permission to cross the ‘Chain of Rocks Bridge’. There is a piece of history. The Convoy was asked not to enter the City of St Louis, due to the civil unrest going there. So, moved on to Interstate 270 to Interstate 44, during Rush Hour at 35 MPHs. I am sure we made a few friends. But nothing openly displayed. As we approached Six Flags, local Fired Dept. had Large Ensign flying from one of their Ladder Trucks. I do have stay, we have some great Mechanical Help in our Ranks. On this day, we had 6 or 7 recoveries of various Vehicles. Either the HMV was running when they were done or it was towed or on the Trailer to the night stop. No One is left behind!

    So far, I am having a Great Time, making new Friends. Getting ideas what to do for the next Convoy.

  • Saturday, September 16, 2017 5:10 PM | Anonymous member

    For those of us that remember back when we served in our favorite Branch under Uncle Sam’s Guidance. All but to familiar sound of a bugle call at 0530, Reveille! Yes, the rude and annoying sound, that take one’s dreams away and start to face the day!

            So, time starts to finish policing around your camp site, stow last of your gear in your HMV and catch a wonderful sunrise. Get thy but in gear or face the wrath of the March Leader or your own Unit March Leader. Than still green to this outfit, do not want to be known as ‘that guy’. Had the rig and trailer ready to go. Awaiting further instructions to pull into my correct position in our March Unit’s Order 3/7 (tucked in between a Tan M1031 and Camo M1009 towing and M101).

           At 0615 March Unit Leaders are in place than, everyone falls in to they’re assign spot. At 0630 this operation should be completed or well under way to being completed. Than 0645 hits, the National Anthem is sounded (stand tall and salute the Colors).

           Than it happens, 0700 First Gear. It has started the Road March has started. Advance party is already out there heading for our first two morning breaks. And now the Convoy Commander with the HQ March Unit is on the road. Being follow out by each of the other March Units (as a whole group with each HMV mainting a 4 interval between vehicles). We are moving as a Unit.

           We have a Police Escort out of DuPage County by the Sheriffs Depts. SWAT Tactical Vehicle, looks like a small MRAP. But has the bells and whistles, to change lights in or rout to Green. Made moving out of the county very easy.

           Along the way we had kids, parents and adults out there to wish us well on our Journeys. We had Police Escort or Traffic Control through most of the small towns. And people would just come out, look and wave. Those that knew we were coming, they had the Old Glory waving. As we pasted through downtown Joliet, someone asked where we were heading, I simply stated Santa Monica!

           Our first night’s stop is in Pontiac, Illinois. The Mayor of Pontiac came up to meet us at the last morning break stop. Then rode down with March Leader to Pontiac. After we pulled in, parked around the town Square (yes those still exist) around the Courthouse. He came around welcome each of us. Then at the Driver’s Meeting, he welcomed us all collectively.

  • Friday, September 08, 2017 3:58 PM | Anonymous member

    Open Streets at Penn Fest

    Sunday, September 17

    12:00 – 4:00pm

    Penn Avenue, Richfield MN

    We have Spot 26 just South of 72nd St and North of 73rd St on the West side of the Penn Ave!

    Open Streets at Penn Fest has grown into a very large and exciting event! We are anticipating

    over 100 attractions including local organizations and businesses.

    Because of the large number of groups participating in our event, we ask that you read the

    following information carefully to ensure a smooth set-up and successful event.

     Penn Avenue will be closed from 11:00am-5:00pm from Crosstown to 76th St.

     This means that you CANNOT drive on Penn Avenue after 11:00am at the major

    intersections to get to your spot! Please use side streets.

     Starting at 11:00am (no earlier!), you may access Penn Avenue from the side

    streets to unload any supplies or equipment and you must have your vehicle off

    of the street by noon. Please use only one vehicle to bring supplies in, this will

    create less congestion.

     Please refer to the map for your group’s assigned number and location. This

    number will be painted on the street the day of the event to indicate where your

    group will set up. The map is small so your location on the street may differ

    slightly the day of the event!

     We use spray chalk to mark assigned numbers on the street. If it is raining or if

    the streets are wet, the chalk may not be very visible. If that’s the case, we ask

    that all groups and businesses try their best to locate themselves according to

    the attached map.

     Please pay special attention to your location this year. We had to move some

    things around to accommodate construction on Penn Avenue.

     After unloading your supplies, park on a side street. There will not be parking

    available in any lots on Penn Avenue. Please be aware of posted No Parking

    signs on certain streets.

     There will be volunteers stationed at some of the intersections to help direct

    people to their locations.

     Be sure to bring all needed supplies. Open Streets at Penn Fest organizers will

    not be able to provide tables, chairs, tents, extension cords, etc.


     If you are setting up a tent, please use weights to hold it down! Even the

    slightest gust of wind can send your tent flying. Please do not drive stakes into

    the pavement or set-up your tent on private property.

     Electricity is not available!

     Please keep your booth and activity to the outermost lane you are assigned to.

    The inner two lanes of Penn will be kept open for pedestrians to walk, bike, etc.

     We understand that some of the sports related activities may need more room.

    Please make sure that when you are doing your sport or activity, that there is

    room for pedestrians to pass through safely.

     Please do not set up your booth or activity so that it blocks resident’s driveways

    or street intersections. Some residents may need to access their driveways

    during the event and our emergency service vehicles need access to all of the


     Stay off of lawns and private property.

     As people pass by, please encourage them to participate with you. This will be a

    great time to showcase your group or business.

     Open Streets at Penn Fest will end at 4:00pm. You may pull your vehicle onto

    Penn Ave. at that time to load up your supplies. Please make sure you take

    everything with you. Please clean up your area before you leave, garbage cans

    will be on the street for you to use

     The street is scheduled to re-open at 5:00pm. You must have everything off of

    the street at that time.

     Open Streets at Penn Fest is a rain or shine event. If it is raining, please use your

    own discretion in participating.

     If severe weather is an issue, please call our weather line at 612-861-9189 and

    choose Special Events for any updates or changes.

     Please share ALL of this information with everyone who may be participating

    with your group so everyone knows where to go and how to get there!

    Thank you for participating in Open Streets at Penn Fest! We appreciate your time

    and commitment and hope that it is a positive experience for your group.

    Any questions, please contact Ann Jindra, Richfield Recreation Supervisor,

    612-861-9361 or

  • Wednesday, September 06, 2017 4:19 PM | Anonymous member

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We are approaching Camp Ripley's Biennial Open House on September 17, 2017. On behalf of COL Scott St. Sauver, we would like to invite you to have an informational booth and/or static display at our Open House.

    This year's theme is "Honoring Our Korean Veterans." Our intent is to give recognition to all our Veterans. Interest in this year's event has led us to anticipate an attendance of 3,000 or more people. We hope you can join us for this special occasion.

    Timeline for the events is 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Displayed will be booths, a car show, food vendors and military displays. We will have a ceremony from 1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. We respectfully ask that everyone shut down during the ceremony and make their way over to view the event. Following the ceremony, we will start up with the displays again until 2:00 p.m.

    We ask that everyone set-up between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. You may set-up the night before if you would like, with prior coordination.

    Please RSVP no later than September 8, 2017 to reserve a spot for the Open House. Contact Staff Sgt Tim Krouth at 320-616-2714, 320-412-6237cell or

    SSG Tim Krouth
    Camp Ripley Visitors Bureau
    15000 HWY 115, BLDG 11-1
    Little Falls, MN 56345
    320-616-2714 (office)

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